$400K Wrongful Death of Motorcycle Rider Hit by Box Truck

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

A box truck driving southbound on the I-405 freeway suddenly decided it needed to exit the freeway. The truck driver swerved right over the gore point (illegal to drive over gore points in Washington) to get onto the NE 8th Street exit ramp lane in Bellevue, Washington. Tragically, the truck failed to see our client on his motorcycle already in the exit ramp lane. The truck collided with the motorcycle sending it crashing to the pavement at nearly 60 mph.

The impact with the ground caused catastrophic head and neck injuries to our client. He was rushed to the emergency room, but sadly did not survive his injuries. His widow was left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life following this fatal Washington motorcycle accident.

The sad truth of fatal collisions is that the insurance companies often don’t give the grieving family a chance to breathe and start calling wanting a bunch of information and attention. The last thing a family wants to deal with is the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster. That’s when and why our client’s widow hired Max, so Max could deal with the insurance companies and she could grieve in peace.

After a fatal accident, the family will often not want to see the vehicle that their loved one died in. In this case, the family did not want to see the motorcycle again. Max handled the property damage claim for the family, which included collecting the client’s personal effects from the motorcycle and disposing of the totaled bike.

Max was able to get every dime of insurance money that was available. The case settled for the policy limits of the at-fault driver’s insurance and the client’s underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance of just over $400,000. No amount of insurance money can make up for the loss of a loved one. However, it can ease the financial burden a family faces following the unexpected loss of a spouse.