MaxPower Law is a proud sponsor of the Annual Toy Run in Olympia on Saturday, December 7th, 2019! All proceeds benefit the Salvation Army “Toy n’ Joy” Shop. Here is an overview of the event from the Toy Run home page:

The Olympia Toy Run brings motorcyclists together for a very worthy purpose: the joy of a child receiving a gift at Christmas. All the toys and money are donated to the Salvation Army for distribution to needy kids through its Toy n’ Joy Shop. Strapped to bikes four abreast in row after row are lots and lots of brand-new children’s toys. Gleaming bikes sport different names and badges and colors and their riders range from all-season diehards to weekend enthusiasts. For this day, we are one sister/brotherhood of riders thinking of the smiles our toys will bring to kids’ faces.

This is such a wonderful event and a great way to support kids in need this holiday season. You don’t want to miss this event!

To find out more about the Annual Olympia Toy Run please visit

MaxPower Law is a Toy Run Sponsor
MaxPower Law is a proud sponsor of the Olympia Toy Run