The perfect liaison between the insurance companies and medical insurance

“I hired Max after I was run off the road on my motorcycle by a car in February of 2016. After meeting with several attorneys, Max proved not only to be the most experienced in motorcycle crash cases, but was also professional and realistic. He never made any unrealistic promises and has always kept me up to date on the progress of my case. In addition, Max was the perfect liaison between the insurance companies and medical insurance, making sure my interests came first. I have and will continue to recommend Max every chance I get.”

hiwayflyer, 5-Star Review, Avvo

Extremely helpful, courteous and well-informed. Highly recommended!

“I was involved in a small scooter accident and sustained limited injuries. Nonetheless, I wanted to consult with an attorney to confirm I was receiving a fair settlement. Even though Max and his assistants were aware this was not a big ($) case they were extremely helpful and had excellent follow-up — not just from Max but from his entire team. Max patiently listened to the facts of my case and offered straight-forward, logical advice. If I am in an accident and need legal representation I will absolutely work with Max and his team.”

Dan, 5-Star Review, Avvo

I advocate Max Meyers!

“I was injured in a motorcycle accident that also resulted in my Harley Davidson being totaled. Injured and heartbroken over the loss of my beautiful bike, I began my search for legal help. I was referred to Max Meyers by a family member. After hearing that Max is also a Harley rider and motorcycle enthusiast, I decided to give him a call. Max was very personable and took immediate interest not only in my case, but me as person. Max’s attention to my case allowed me to focus on healing and recovery by dealing with the insurance companies and assisting me in getting back every penny for my totaled motorcycle and ruined safety gear. Max is very knowledgeable about individual insurance company tactics and I believe I received the compensation I deserve. Max Meyers Law took excellent care of me and I am very happy to have met him. Thank you, Max!!!”
Zach, 5-Star Review, Avvo

Would I recommend Max Meyers Law to someone else, Absolutely!

“Being involved in a vehicle accident is a stressful time and dealing with insurance can sometimes be even more so. I decided to hire Max, on a recommendation from a friend, just so that I was being fairly treated by the insurance companies. Max explained the process and what to expect at our first meeting after I was involved in a Motorcycle accident. In the end Max came though, did every thing he promised, and I received more compensation that I was ever expecting. Would I recommend Max Meyers Law to someone else, Absolutely!”

Martin Larsen, 5-Star Review, Avvo

Motorcycle Accident Expert

“Max Meyers handled my complicated case expediently and professionally, successfully obtaining a settlement significantly more than my medical bill totals after I’d been assured by another firm that this was not possible.

“Motorcyclists rarely get a realistic settlement for their actual injuries from an insurer without an attorney’s guidance and knowledge. Unfortunately, all too many attorneys believe that working a motorcycle injury/accident case is identical to settling an automotive case.

“Max understands that the two case types are handled much, much differently. He also expertly coordinated my care providers, as well as the three involved insurance companies, so that I could concentrate on healing from a substantial injury.

“I didn’t “win the lottery” (nor was that my expectation), but I was satisfied with my settlement. Thanks to Max Meyers’s knowledge and resolve, all of my medical bills are paid with some left over — and that’s a far better outcome than I’d previously been told was possible.

“Not only were Max’s rates reasonable, he cheerfully refunded the difference between his initial estimate and his actual billed hours. Professionals who deliver on time and under budget always impress me favorably.

“I would recommend Max Meyers for any motorcycle accident case. The two best ways to not get skinned are A) wear stout protective clothing when riding, and B) let Max do the talking with insurance companies.”

Jack, 5-Star Review, Avvo

Max Meyers is the #1 Attorney!

“While on his way home from work on his motorcycle, my husband had a pick up truck turn in front of him causing a catastrophic accident. The driver got out of his pick up and took a good look at my husband and for some reason decided that he needed to flee the scene. Fortunately, this took place during rush hour so other drivers were nearby to take action! “A fellow Harley rider came to me and spoke very highly about Max Meyers. Max had been his attorney and had treated him very well. I called Max the morning after the accident and he came to the hospital to talk with us. Max showed true compassion as we spoke about the accident and made us feel completely at ease. It felt like we were talking with a friend. We hired Max immediately! “Max stopped by the hospital and our home a few times to see my husband. He kept us informed at all times and took care of all aspects. Whenever we called Max with a question, it was Max that answered the phone and he always had an answer! We are very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Max Meyers!”
Kristi & Ricky, 5-Star Review, Avvo

Excellent and very professional attorney!

“This is very professional lawyer! I hire him more than a year ago regarding my motorcycle accident. Max was VERY helpful and knowledgeable about all the details and rights. He was always calling me with every new detail that he got. Even when I moved to CA which is 7 month ago it work great … emails, faxes and first class mail. “Anyway we close the case last week with very good result which is make me happy that I chose Max. My feedback is 10 from 5! “Why would I recommend this guy? — BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS WORKING WITH ATTORNEY AND NOT WITH HIS ASSISTANT!!!”
Oleg Ivanov, 5-Star Review, Avvo