As you all know we attend various motorcycle events throughout the summer. With the launch of our motorcycle focused brand MaxPower Law, we are attending some new events this year. One of them was the Northwest Nitro Pro Hillclimb Race.

Picture off-road motorcycles all juiced on nitroglycerin fuel attempting to fly up a 900-foot mountain that gets steeper the higher you go. It’s just pure craziness, so much fun to watch. Go to MaxPower Law’s Facebook page to see some videos – you’ll see what I’m talking about!!

Needless to say, Shelly and I had a fantastic time at this event. We met lots of great people who love to ride. The event took place 15 miles outside of Sunnyside, WA. Most people brought their RVs and camped out for this 4-day event. However, you can go for a day or all weekend. We plan on going next year and you should too.