“While on his way home from work on his motorcycle, my husband had a pick up truck turn in front of him causing a catastrophic accident. The driver got out of his pick up and took a good look at my husband and for some reason decided that he needed to flee the scene. Fortunately, this took place during rush hour so other drivers were nearby to take action!

“A fellow Harley rider came to me and spoke very highly about Max Meyers. Max had been his attorney and had treated him very well. I called Max the morning after the accident and he came to the hospital to talk with us. Max showed true compassion as we spoke about the accident and made us feel completely at ease. It felt like we were talking with a friend. We hired Max immediately!

“Max stopped by the hospital and our home a few times to see my husband. He kept us informed at all times and took care of all aspects. Whenever we called Max with a question, it was Max that answered the phone and he always had an answer! We are very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Max Meyers!”