“Max Meyers handled my complicated case expediently and professionally, successfully obtaining a settlement significantly more than my medical bill totals after I’d been assured by another firm that this was not possible.

“Motorcyclists rarely get a realistic settlement for their actual injuries from an insurer without an attorney’s guidance and knowledge. Unfortunately, all too many attorneys believe that working a motorcycle injury/accident case is identical to settling an automotive case.

“Max understands that the two case types are handled much, much differently. He also expertly coordinated my care providers, as well as the three involved insurance companies, so that I could concentrate on healing from a substantial injury.

“I didn’t “win the lottery” (nor was that my expectation), but I was satisfied with my settlement. Thanks to Max Meyers’s knowledge and resolve, all of my medical bills are paid with some left over — and that’s a far better outcome than I’d previously been told was possible.

“Not only were Max’s rates reasonable, he cheerfully refunded the difference between his initial estimate and his actual billed hours. Professionals who deliver on time and under budget always impress me favorably.

“I would recommend Max Meyers for any motorcycle accident case. The two best ways to not get skinned are A) wear stout protective clothing when riding, and B) let Max do the talking with insurance companies.”